Dota 2 WTF Rampage Compilation 7

Dota 2 fail/win compilation
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1-Track Name: Aero Chord - Resistance
Video Link: /watch?v=AeYwecNzcSo

2-Track Name: Vicetone - What I've Waited For (feat. D. Brown)
Video Link: /watch?v=FYyCbKZIkgc

3-Track Name: Dirtyphonics & Bassnectar - Watch Out (feat. Ragga Twins)
Video Link:/watch?v=xmnt0GZmorg

4-Track Name: Muzzy - The Phantom (feat. High Maintenance)
Video Link: /watch?v=mUgO0AdKmdE

5-Track Name: Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer - Party Don't Stop
Video Link: /watch?v=6ed0N-5zLW8

6-Track Name: Tokyo Machine - ROCK IT
Video Link: /watch?v=NFB6Y2Qt8ag

7-Track Name: - Pegboard Nerds - BADBOI
Video Link: /watch?v=v372aagNItc

8-Track Name: INF1N1TE Fatality
Video Link: /watch?v=xIZf0tZDbWk

9-Track Name: Fatrat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie
Video Link: /watch?v=cMg8KaMdDYo

10-Track Name: Nitro Fun & Hyper Potions - Checkpoint
Video Link: /watch?v=_cB3HXVvm0g

11-Track Name: Razihel & Aero Chord - Titans
Video Link: /watch?v=dcyYFKeOT0o

12-Track Name: Pegboard Nerds & Spyker - Extraordinary (feat. Elizaveta)
Video Link: /watch?v=JQVoHfgjOcw

13- Track Name: Aero Chord - Drop It
Video Link: /watch?v=aFpefbl6JRE

14-Track Name: Pegboard Nerds - Heaven Let Us Down (feat. Koda)
Video Link: /watch?v=utzvh48K7yQ

15-Track Name: Subshock & Evangelos feat - Legends
Video Link: /album/3FJ3PaTwR2mM5h4NSiMSFy?play=true&utm_source=&utm_medium=open

16-Track Name: Against the Sun (feat. Anna Yvette)
Video Link: /watch?v=NLukRvKWBeA

17-Track Name: PrototypeRaptor - Still Waiting
Video Link: /watch?v=vfvqzYo5Y0c.

18-Track Name: Grabbitz - Here With You Now
Video Link: /watch?v=cZYkSc5JG7o
  • RapidNathanGaming

    better than omg moments😂😂❤❤

  • Editorial Gamer

    058 esa combinación de rampage con la música es muy buena

  • Ivan Istratov

    Понравилось 3 рампаги, с тайдом, виспом и веником, а так же магнусом

  • gagoakotanginamo tanginamogagoka

    I will spam magnus because what I saw was completely ridiculous

  • CLOTer

    1040 ese outworld no quería que el Tide hiciera rampague xD

  • Nezer X

    25th frap? U serious?

  • blazedup gaming

    guys donate a sub plz plz subscribe to my channel )

  • Marlene Reyes

    Get Free Dota Skins With Steam Account

  • HiTaNdRuN 1K

    Venia a hacer spam tmr v si quieres burlarse de mi un raton guardian 1k v que se creo su canal rateando si quieren sentirse bien de no ser tan mancos como el aca esta v jodanlo pls

  • Cheok Kal Heng

    how can i go into WTF? i just got a Meepo Rampage just now ..

  • jovenperfect0riginal

    es orrible quien juega dota solo ratas

  • aestethic and chilly things

    All commend at Elder Titan and Enigma wombo combo! And Rubick solo show dope too!


    1730 -- That was epic rampage by Rubic - skilled!

  • Dota2 TV

  • dan delrosario

    modern fountain hook kay rubick...fountain hook redesigned by amateur hehe

  • Kneel theGrass Tisun

    First one was legendary

  • Madalin Braitoru

  • Rastaman Hb

    am i the only one who got problems with webpage of dota WTF ?

  • Mr. Akbomen

    648 How music pls? !

  • Mage Gaming

    Hey I remembered that Juug rampage, I was there my hero is Tidehunter.

  • dusu habung

    its not dota wtf... its dota rampages fckrs

  • Raghib Ashab

    Who else agrees that the cm rampage is the best edited rampage by dota watafak?

  • Matheus Duarte

    This song of rampage of mirana is so cool

  • Tharuka Perera

    OMG That void at 245 scratching invo's back instead of trying to bash cm....

  • José haize Malla cruz

    me pasan la música min 140


    LEGIONS 2 RAMPAGES 3831257215 you can see here

  • Mark Jason Sinadjan

    Its ironic that meepo is their mascot yet there have been no funny moments i know of featuring him. Shame since he is my fave too

  • prism god

    250 report void i gusss-25 -25-25-25-25


    Como se llama la musica del min 654 ?

  • dan delrosario

    pinaka the best yung rubick shit imao...

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