Liquid vs LGD Grand Final Starladder i-League 2018 Highlights Dota 2

Liquid vs LGD Starladder 2018 Highlights Minor Dota 2 SL Final - Team Liquid vs LGD Gaming Starladder Highlights 2018 Dota 2 Minor SL i-League Invitational Season 4 - Main Event
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Team Liquid Dota 2: MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, GH, KuroKy.
Team LGD Gaming Dota 2: Ame, Maybe, Chalice, xNova, fy.

Tournament - Starladder SL i-league Invitational 2018 Dota 2 Highlights Season 4 Main Event.
Participants: Team Liquid, Newbee, Mineski Mski, coL compLexity Gaming, LGD Gaming, Team Empire, Team Kinguin, Infamous.

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  • Chuck D. Sky

    Most of the time, poop are solid. but it's getting liquid when your tummy is in a bad condition.

  • Noah Htet

    I always thought org magi was called MAR GEE.. but this dude was like MAA GYIII.. like it’s a terrible name man.

  • Yordan Patronski

    Where is game 2 ?!?!?!?!?

  • WJ isme

    best team in the history of dota!

  • Ezura San

    This channel is the sole reason why i`m still updated to dota2 international games <3

  • Patoni 6

    GH key in this game, why lfy not banned io?? GH IO = EZ WIN

  • Xuanting Chen

    it‘s not 30 but 31 right? I wonder what happened in game 2. Why it is not presented?

  • Patrick Von Ronnel Segovia

    DD is, and always will be the best channel to watch replays from dota2 tournaments

  • Hailiang Xu

    now dota2 becomes China VS. Liquid just because of that slayer video? BTW, liquid doesn't represent a nation anyway right?

  • Red Devil

    games 1 is the only competitive game tho. Game 2 easy win by LGD. Games 3 and 4 Easy games by Liquid

  • fajar ahmad setiawan

    Liquid, you're soooooo persisting!!!!

  • Vyacheslav Bilyukin

    когда исправят баг с дк

  • javid talibov

    I hate wd in prof game

  • Kien Santiana

    matumbaman lucky shorts = ez win

  • garcia valda

    liquid is the china slayer hehehehe

  • Syncky Echa

    everybody must learn from liquid.. they never (rarely) say gg before the throne go down .. always fight till the end .. love you liquid 😍

  • Sikwati Gaming

    Last game for Liquid to win the series and you give GH his Io. LGD, why?

  • paul codilla

    easy for liquid guys....this game is to confirmed that liquid a chinese slayer the strongest team ever ...

  • akin budiman

    I found a solution to kill Liquid, just put crystallize on the team.. solved !

  • Sariputra Wongso

    Kill rosh > take aegis > kill courier

  • jhony tamvans

    crazy 10 kill wiin hold math winer winn hold i like liquid wanna get in team liquid main on cool

  • Gina Marie Gorospe

    Thanks for these uploads. Best DOTA 2 Highlights Channel. Keep up the good work.

  • Armando Pacheco

    The real china slayer

  • Jamir Temjen

    Your videos Are much much more detailed even though an highlight. Nice

  • Mori Summer

    China really hates Liquid.

  • DotA Digest

    Replay for GAME 2 is unavailable in DotaTV, I can't record it. check dotabuff

  • ChinKin Chan

    more like Miracle vs LGD.... lol

  • Ian roger

    4036 u will see 32 32,

  • Nithence Siev

    Always My favorite Dota 2 highlights channel!!

  • a. o

    simple math. you give GH io, you lose... as simple as that

  • thats ok

    I fell down and accidentally swallowed a sock while watching this. Sadly Abby won't stop screaming in the basement. 12 likes = Me cooking her our dead hamster. R.I.P. Gerald.

  • james hardy

    gg where is game 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • qwertyuiop

    tactical pause LMAO.

  • Jalu Prayoga

    How LGD got 1 point?

  • tang inamo bobo

    No doubt liquid no1 rite now

  • ZIeN Sae Song

    Come on NB I will hit your butt

  • Oleg

    Liquid is exceptionally good at baiting teams into bad engagements! And the teams that play against them know this, so they play worse overall because they're always afraid to be baited. One great example is at 3735. MC sees Miracle got 3 int stacks off of the Lycan, and MC is in position behind him, so they already know it's time to make a big play. Miracle fake backs to draw fy and Ame together, so MC can run forward and blink on them, which looks like a feed because obviously fy will silence MC and Ame will paw him to death. When MC is in vision Ame gets scared and runs back and forth and into the river a bit while MC blinks into the silence. Now Somnus appears and Somnus and Ame start beating on the silenced MC. But then Miracle tanks Ame's necro's and runs forward into the river, forcing LGD to decide whether they want to kill Miracle or MC. They panic and try to kill Miracle, who will obviously just astral himself if they go for him, because LGD just blew everything on MC to keep him from ulting. As a result MC lives and gets to ult and Miracle (remember those int stacks from earlier that set all this up?) pops Ame when his astral ends. Liquid are the great jebaiters.

  • Beatriz Ariano

    Lol biased.Why no highlights for the match where lgd won?

  • Wou Haikal

    liquid won 4th starladder in a row

  • Roysten Teng

    Just a small request, can you please hide your mouse during these highlights? Thanks!

  • jhony tamvans

    good luck liquid wiin

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