Liquid vs Secret Winners Final DreamLeague 8 Major 2017 Highlights Dota 2

Liquid vs Secret DreamLeague 8 Major Highlights 2017 Dota 2 - Team Secret vs Liquid DreamLeague 2017 Highlights Dota 2 Major Season 8 Main Event
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Team Liquid Dota 2: MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, GH, KuroKy.
Team Secret Dota 2: Ace, Midone, FATA-, YapzOr, Puppey.

Tournament - DreamLeague Season 8 Major Highlights 2017 DreamHack S8 Dota 2
Participants: Team Liquid, NaVi Natus Vincere, EG Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, Virtus.Pro VP, Fnatic, Newbee, Infamous.

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    MidOne is a 5 star Legend

  • Jose Fernandez

    we need bulldong to cast more games. BERRY BERRY GOOD.

  • Gabur Sod

    MidOne > MiracleIndonesia gogo!

  • Ryo

    nice MidOne. Keep it good !#indopride

  • Raffy Hawk

    Liquid didnt throw at draft. Its just puppey so good that he outdrafted kuro and make it looks like a throw

  • duc Nguyen Thanh

    Worst games from Liquid and Miracle himself since 2016 when i started watching them

  • Chasing Chickens

    TI winner game casted by a Tea Eye wiener. Lol

  • Nico B

    "he turns into a tree, hoping for the best"

  • Prateek Soni

    lol the end screen shows MidOne the fuckign 10k Archon 5 D D

  • Phúc Phan

    Why do we have a legend 5 in divine rank? v

  • Abdul Hakim

    legend 5 star lead the divine 5 star.

  • akip poapa

    it's bulldog commentary? lul

  • Leo Torres

    Ooh yea, liquid loss like video, simple

  • qwertyuiop

    "TI winner question mark" - from a washed up TI winner

  • Don Rohner

    Is liquid go to lower bracket and can fight again vs secret?

  • royce wolf

    relax boys! its not the end of the world for liquid! it's not the finals bitches!

  • Jehu Von Tagua

    finally Miracle vs MidOnematch of two best mid

  • MarkoVarko VarkoMarko

    motherfucking matumbaman

  • Choco ChocoLoko

    Puppey will not smash some monitor anymore.

  • Danery Parungao

    Secret showing their Potential )Miracle still the best player!

  • umar syaifan

    Picked Monkey king is really smart draft to lose the game.. nice

  • moon

    weird draft by liquid, but yapzor et is so good

  • Muhammad Rafi

    Kuro pls stop give mainkontol QOP. He cant play QOP, just give NP, badtrider, pugna, or BB.

  • Gede Ryan Wirawan

    What happened? Puppey happened LOL

  • wai pxyoe

    I think Liquid picking Monkey King in game3 is really bad and Yapzor's ET play is my favorite part of this seires.

  • Princess Dubu

    dota digest > noobfromua

  • Josephus Asilo

    Team Liquid going at it again

  • Andres Klene-Sanchez

    7th with no notifications PogChamp

  • Dog loverz

    Upper bracket is for bitches-Miracle~ TI7

  • James Lee

    2740 holy shitttttt

  • Badrul Hisham

    what now navi haters?

  • shamel Muhammad

    where's the gay saying secret copy liquid draft?

  • jay ian paredes

    That elder Titan .. wew So pro

  • DotA Digest

    Liquid vs Secret Grand Final Part 1

  • Gazha Pradana

    Look at Liquid drafts. They actually throw this game

  • Jet Gamez

    MidOneNoOne > Miracle

  • Konstantin Bläsi

    What a disaster draft game 3 by liquid. That was too much greed (

  • Hailiang Xu

    I hate some of the commentators

  • digwillhachi

    i always feel that when liquid lose its just because they fuck them selves in the draft. They sometimes just do weird shit that doesn't work.

  • hotstuff400

    Here comes the fangays justifying Liquids clear LOSE. lol


    every game miracle get rekt by midone at mid .2ez4midone

  • Demon Dale

    admiralbulldog ok..ok...ok...ok...ok..LOL

  • Jade Guardiario

    Miracle is just a Dendi - MMR

  • clifferd rey virtucio

    The 2nd caster is so pathetic...

  • Boas Demon

    Kuro think they could beat secret with that draft? Recently Tea eye winner lost with secret...

  • Sofyan Tsauri

    is that bulldog as a caster?

  • ucinalatas

    u guys always judging when a team get lose (, feeling pro ?

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