Miracle- Shadow Fiend is not Human - He is OpenAI Bot 🤖 Dota2

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►Miracle- [SF] is not Human - He is OpenAI Bot Dota2
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Match id:3394379173
  • Rooster D

    Og gotta kick noobtail

  • Weezy Wayne

    miracle fanboy spotted

  • N E I L

    virtus pro victory!?

  • Ruslan Burbon

    И что он тут удивительного показал? Да, он хорошо играет в доту, но в этой катке игру ему сделали саппорты.

  • ecw

    WAOW MIRACLE SF 5K AVR WAOW (nice party mmr)

  • Krystian Brzostek

    Anybody can in few words explain why they can not use bottles etc.I never played DOTA

  • Awsometime

    These guys make such cringy titles and thumbnails

  • Tianen Liu

    StarCraft II BGM????

  • Exhauztee

    He wont be giving his DF to the marines. Sigh.. He only has the conqueror's haki.

  • Aleksandr Tribrat


  • diego villanueva

    no es el verdadero robot porque al ultimo aparece su verdadero nombre

  • Will Will

    Not possible ai bot could figure out the shadow blade.

  • Victor Shulyak

    МЕРАКЛЕ НОТ ХУМАН!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Афк стоит земеля и сало в миду, так даже 3к даун любой отыграет с таким спейсом, ебанутые школьники)

  • Clint Gerard Bascon

    He's a dumb nerd

  • Theo Hennings

    Radiant Are Scamming

  • epcbox

    Why Starcraft 2 soundtrack?

  • Alun Surya

    400 flying monkey king

  • Master A Gamer101

    That shadow fiend wasn't Miracle he liar just want views

  • Jordan Wilson

    all of these damn chatwheel sounds

  • Era-3*2

    Миракл дно боту проиграл. Не удивительно что он подражает боту

  • Duy Thanh

    that juggenaut hahaha

  • Skydoes MC

    Can someone make the open ai bot enter ti8 for the love of dota plz do it.

  • John Henry Alegre

    lol!!!! Paparazi the world best mid player fuck miracle like a kid in 1v1 DAC championship!!!!

  • Adam Hubbard

    lmao starcraft 2 sound track ok.

  • Tufan Erdogan

    Not a bot, He is clicking everywhere bots won't even 1 click

  • Guoose

    Mirace is a Bot Me What are you supposed to be a Disappointment?

  • Gwedrith

    This video was published during my birthday 💕

  • Alex H.

    pretty sure openAI woudlve dodged at 257

  • Sindria pratama

    Steam Wallet codes completely for free! Grab it now and spend on any game you want!

  • Markus ipavec

    Bot with help on mid all the time

  • Uriah Mrache

    Miracle has bot envy

  • Jerry Myson

    lol qop "grats on winning ti but we know beating me was harder" xaxaxaxax

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