TECHNIX | 12 Years Old Beatbox Rocket

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TECHNIX from New Jersey is 12 years old and! THIS IS THE FIRST VIDEO SBX MADE ION THE UNITED STATES! I am very proud to announce that Technix is my friend and that he is full of passion and fire. He is a rocket! Technix will be soon one of the best beatboxers and he will be a real musician and artist! Its an honour to be able to work with you! THANK YOU! also thank you for the parents of technix that give a great support!

please check out the youtube channel of TECHNIX here:

more youth beatbox here:

14 years old JAYNKINS from New York:

14 years old SHORTSTACK from CALIFORNIA:

16 years old PIRATHEEBAN from SINGAPORE:

Audio mixed/mastered by Sinjo from Boxface Studios


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  • ZeGamingSeal

    i believe he gets all the bitches on roblox xD

  • The Doctor

    He CAN roll like this.

  • The BlueDiamondGamer

    101 lip rolls are for these

  • Jaspex Froxy

    i can beatbox just 2 liprolls

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