7 Players Who Saved Their Team From Losing

"7 Players Who Saved Their Team From Losing" no description available.
  • Lexan

    Man, can ppl just stop praising that echo slam that much, it was cool move but definitely not a winning one.

  • Jesper Nørgaard

    Could you fucking breathe?! Worst commentator ever first video!

  • IGotNoIdeas

    Cough cough* Stewie2k* Boston Major cough cough

  • Anthony Corpuz

    What makes you think EG will lose on CDEC in Game 4?

  • Bruno Griebler

    Dude, those were all decisions made by the team. When you say "players who saved their team from losing" you should get plays where the player did an unbelievable play. Something that no one was expecting, even his own team or something. I mean, GH plays on Io are all insane, some of them are literally game saving

  • nsmx1

    sheever's ravage is the best

  • Kevin Bosco

    soneico is really great support man

  • Vishal ML

    Why isn't the fountain hook there

  • Rohan Williams

    that feeling when someone tries to set a video in 1080p even though their recording source is a potato. Dat blur tho!

  • Ronald Medrano

    1013 phoenix supernova for what?? he plays bad

  • Dany Rabbani


  • Pandu Pambudi

    Where is Ding Ding Ding motherfucker scene?

  • Baran Arslan

    I have seen it one more time that Notail is shit. He is 3.5k player. What the fuck is he doing in the pro league. He cant even relocate his carry.

  • Owen N

    The iconic match Alliance vs Navi TI3 Grand Final - Game 3, will last forever. I've been with Dota since 2005 and for me, no matches can surpass that game in term of epicness.

  • Mihai Dragu

    how about w33 meepo comeback?

  • -1 subscriber challenge without any video

    That titan vs dk. Did meracle create his name before miracle-?

  • Abhibs Kafle

    is that liquid.miracle who is said to be titan.meracle

  • rwswicul

    half of people in the coments don't even READ the title. IT's not comeback it's not great individual moment, it's not greatest plays of the history, it's Players Who Saved Their Team From Losing FFS! and for the uploader , the game with 6million $ SLAM, EG wasn't in a Losing situation.

  • Chuan Wang

    fy best rubrick, carried them so fuckin hard

  • hendra j

    942 thank me later...bye

  • Hong Yap Thong

    TI3 final is always the best

  • bintang setyawan

    942 its a disastaaa

  • Joel P. Guerrero

    Elite Wolves Vs Team Archon?

  • David Lagai

    That ti 3 moment was so close for navi to win

  • kim villaverde

    how can That EG b a saved they were a head of the game

  • Fuzzy Bunny

    that music so loud bro wtf

  • Air Birth

    I'm a simple man i see Dendi i click.

  • 0ookii0

    Miracle has saved OG and Liquid several times from losing.

  • Ryn

    It's a DISASTAH!

  • raylex gang

    i cri erytime i see ES and AA combo

  • Anderson Reis

    How is the 6 million dolars a saving team from losing play, if they were already winning?

  • dennis dennis

    I saw dendi, so title contain mistake, becouse he is player who make own team loose..........

  • Lissa Pesci

    Wisp won most of this games...

  • men hon chong

    Bro are u ok?929 not losing pls just epic

  • -1 subscriber challenge without any video

    How did only the first episode get over 500k view

  • Beauty leg

    Ti match Best match

  • TRXsH Ruby

    Y'all need to watch MYM vs Na'Vi 2011

  • Scenes

    its not dendi who cuts the wave its rodjer with the sk u can see it on minimap so he is the one who saved the game )

  • HoLy LmAo

    i love dota 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raylex gang

    how to make good dota 2 video and get viewsput dendi screaming on thumbnail

  • Rico Costa

    nage siren? NAGE? WTF?

  • Fanny Campus Youth

    What game is this. Looks fun, is it Dota?

  • Jonathan Cashman

    that TI3 clip triggered me

  • NorieLHD

    If i knew this was all dota clip i won't click this disliked clickbait

  • Game Play's

    just dota really?where is csgo or cod?

  • HoLy LmAo

    these how pro play dota 2! lol players are so junk haha they are not iconic on gameplay they are just boastful and junk

  • Zick FelixChannelYt

    if you say dendi noob are you so pro?

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