TOP-1 RANK in world mid Dazzle — vs Miracle Huskar

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Match id: 3616839467

Music used:
M - Battle of Kings
Epic Music - Shaping Our World
ProTwoType - Operation Intrigue
Epic Adventure Music - A Legend's Adventure
  • Sakata

    1 minute - 2 gangs from ns. No wards, no safe tps. *close video

  • Glei Malupit

    look! bunch of pros in the comments thinking they could do better shits

  • d a


  • Just an Account

    So dazzle is ok to mid really? Wtf is going on

  • TheCoonLy

    can i get the track for the music

  • Josh Smith

    This shows one team that are coherent and the other with a good player and 4 not so good... NS did the early damage to huskar.

  • ZaSlayer

    I know now why it has so many dislikes.. maybe a fair matchup would be better to post, not this bullshit when mid get ganked over and over and no tp's. even 2k mmr tp's mid , this is clearly bullshit video to make fun of miracle or smth

  • Çağlar Özgür

    Its the night stalker. Good one.

  • Dima S.

    фу мид дазлу проебал даун сука

  • Marcos Antonio

    Huskar=0 Damage xD🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Genji Izaki

    fuck just some noob play dazzle n you dare make such caption.. such a noob

  • Public Music

  • Lucas Eliseu

    >randoms Dazzle>goes mid>win the gameok then ... better not fight this guy on the middle lane

  • Dark On Me

    who is the top one actually?

  • Tzuyu Chou

    i dont think that guy is miracle.. he use ult on creep instead of dazz in early game -_-

  • arief budiman

    you have to post better and dont fake.. its not miracle lmao

  • Muhamad Daniel Aiman

    746Nice snatch clockwerr XD

  • MKZ.Chaos

    its not miracle playing

  • Gustavo Cadillo Rodriguez

    This is not Miracle 😏

  • R 59

    kda 40 night stalker, but all attention on 12-6 dazzle LUL

  • José Armando González Del Valle

    No me parece que ese sea el mejor jugador con dazzle y mucho menos que el huskar sea miracle. По моему нереально то, что это лучше игрок на дазле и что на хускаре играет миракл, это бред какой -то. I dont think thats the best dazzle player and the huskar is not miracle for sure, stupid video.

  • kuku legendary

    Lol hUskar is not Miracle. Loooool..

  • moteados

    anyone can go mid with any hero if there is a good roamer

  • sasha ochenash

    Говно , а не видос . Думать что дазл затащил - быть дауном . Когда челику выиграл мид баланар и дальше игра у редиант пошла по наклонной

  • ZhiEND Gaming

    Solo Rank and Tournament is very very different in gameplay

  • Enigma Blackhole

    That's not miracle. Miracle plays better than that...

  • d a


  • Dashrek 1

    dazzle won because huskar thinked dazzle has w in begin, he hasnt

  • sutaru lorudo

    apa kali top 1 hero ngikutin ml ga ada ide lg apa, dota game tolol

  • Toni San

    fake. that's not Miracle. dislike 4 u. go make real content.

  • Jesus Rodriguez

    que video hp mas falso Miracle jamas perderia de esa forma la gente arrogante como la qeu subio este video no haya la forma de ganarse likes. que absurdos que suben mierdas falsas miracle es un pro es uno de los mejores internacionalmente del dota como va perder asi comprate una onza de cerebro si no llegaste ala reparticion .

  • Babushkiny Skazki

    tuk tuk tuk tuk all video tuk tuk tuk tuk

  • Ferit Sadak

    so satisfying seeing miracle lose

  • Sand King

    If you ask me Shadow Saman and bane are great mid. But saman with travel is op

  • Siddik Vuiya

    THats not Miracle, his SEA is not 3, probably a player named Admiral.Benhur playing

  • John Somoza

    Is that really miracle ?

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