Dota 2 WTF Moments The International 7 Special Edition

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  • Truth of the Bible

    they are a embarrassment to the dota community

  • Kirigaya Kazuto

    Whos watching this at 2018 ?

  • cyber impact

    Retards doesnt know to open the champagne lol w t f?? The only thing they know in their life is dota2? Fuck that

  • Seeeb

    Hasta en dota se roban los peruanos jaja

  • Steven Padilla

    peruanos tenian que ser

  • Yorgo Rahi

    Who dat at 223 blonde guy with beard and shit

  • josias calizaya

    Tambien que sepan todos los loleros que dota es por mucho mas mejor que su juego aunque la comunidad sea toxica en otras cosas lo superamos hasta en torneos

  • ALessandro ah jio

    ala mrda stos crranos asta en el ti la kgan csmre

  • Uali Bek

    Бля у меня мурашки по коже когда там эпичная музыка когда Ликвид всех фигачат

  • apotamkin was born

    До 1100 я думал я неплохо в доту играю..

  • Connect apps

    Who is WAtching Dis in 2018??

  • magnivincere

    It's 2018 and I'm still coming back for 852

  • Edward Tanghal

    Lol kuro doesn't want anyone to take aegis from him in the end .

  • Chris Christensen

    Ultra Instinct wasn't out yet, would've been perfect for the grand finals!

  • -A.C.E -

    If only if there was Tongfu vs Na.Vi here and Dota wtf edited it it will be soooooo good

  • jhony vasquez quispe

    Vaya que recuerdos ver a Infamous en The Internacional

  • Leahim. Stifler Man

    plis musica del final el biolin como se lllama plis o por favor

  • Filthy Yasuo Main

    i dont even play dota2 but i still watch videos from this channel because of its editing artwork

  • Carlios Eryan

    this is pretty much everything about TI7

  • Ruben C.R v

    MINITO 85

  • Anatoly Savchenko


  • Wei Le

    854 What Song? Please

  • Jiren God

    The most rarely picked hero is Chen. Like if you agree😁😁

  • Javier Cari

    1114 i love this part bitches!!!

  • Kuro Neko

    I heard KHR song there ) For info, it is anime with name Katekyo-Hitman-Reborn and the song is at 852

  • Jaroldxd159

    Where is TI 6 edition?

  • ZugoGame32

    Просто TeamLiquid не была против Navi

  • Miracle Natus

    Es él mejor Ty 17 que ahs visto en toda mi vida líquido corazón <3

  • My Brudda

    Just an English comment passing by....

  • Damjan Stoimenov

    loving the Dragonball part always 👍

  • josias calizaya

    Seguro que algunos peruanos toxicos dieron like ,porque aparecio lo de infamous seguro, porque despues ni un like

  • Mario Barrenechea

    Esas piernas son reconocibles xD era obvio que era dendi

  • Jesus Paul Mamani Sucasaire

    Alguien sabe la musica del minuto 253 plis

  • Quintessence

    I found it 7"10 !!

  • Cristhian Coyuri

    what team liquid is win wtf!!

  • Pedro Oliveira

    The pros are just jerk teens...

  • meLOVEtocino241

    Music in 132 please?

  • Daniel Andersson

    Love the s4 prediction blink Skewer on SB )

  • cyber impact

    Lol wtf dendi has 25kgs altogether with his bed...


    por q no isieron la pelean del bot coontra miravcle no contra ese chimbo de dendii

  • Serg_I_ Play

    Капец юмор убогий... приколы с габеном вообще тема отдельная. Создатель данного видео у меня к тебе один вопрос Нахуя? Ты так сильно восхищался ликвидами что все восхищения по поводу других игр и команд кажется хренью сраной. Ты видимо забыл что ликвиды победили всех в нижней сетке а не в верхней, чтт до финала по лузерам дошли

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