Liquid vs TNC Grand Final Starladder 2017 Highlights Dota 2 [Games 3-5]

Liquid vs TNC Highlights Starladder Final SL 2017 Dota 2 TNC vs Liquid Starladder Highlights SL i-league Invitational 2017 Dota 2
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21.05.2017 [Games 3,4,5] Bo5 - Grand Final ▼ Commentary by @DakotaCox & @LacosteDota▼ Follow /StarLadder_com Full VODs: /dotastarladder_en/videos

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Team Liquid Dota 2: Miracle-, KuroKy, MinD ContRoL, Matumbaman, gh.
Team TNC Dota 2 Pro Team : Raven, Kuku, Sam_H, Rose 1437, Tims.

Tournament - Starladder SL i-league Invitational 2017 Dota 2 Shanghai.
Participants: TNC Pro Team TNC Dota 2, IG Invictus Gaming, Team Liquid, Newbee, The Alliance, Vega Squadron, Team VGJ Vici Jeremy VG.J, Team Faceless.

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  • emman sioson

    Bobo tlga nang 143 nato nakakabwisit

  • DotA Digest

    Liquid vs TNC [Games 1-2]

  • final Prince

    1-7 tinker napaka bobo mag mid. hahahaha..

  • Immanuel T. Mirafuentes

    hooooooooo ang galing talga nang phillipines

  • bonyok pogi

    Tnc is very good team. They have a teamwork. Always. 8.2k mmr hire. Proud pinoy

  • John Michael Tillaman

    why dont ban invoker

  • best gems

    530 miracle king of ss o hahahaah ezzz

  • kinz walker

    1st game GG TNC team

  • aj mercader

    give me immortal plss

  • John Carlo Manaay

    Leson For today always "BAN" Invoker > Miracle

  • Tao Gwapo

    That quick hex was good 1755

  • Superfizzo

    I honestly don't know why any team would let Miracle play Invoker. That has to be an instant ban. Those sunstrikes turn around any game they are in, and he's so reliable with them.

  • Raven Cryzen

    banning invoker is a must!!!!!

  • skiva noclaire

    Liquid last pick was Enigma.. and they got Last pick turn, it was an amazing pick from Liquid and a bad luck for TNC because they simply did not have more chance to pick again and their two supporting heroes did not have pierce immunity disable.. Liquid won the draft stage and to win late game (In condition both players of the team have an equal skills) really depend on starting draft... well that was a good try from TNC, a good fight.. well played TNC... really.. well played

  • Raven Cryzen

    that split second of disaster when miracle jump out to weaver and io .. maybe if miracle die in that i think it would be comeback for tnc

  • jestoni doromal

    give me pls imortal invokerset

  • Ali Busio

    ks sunstrike miracle FUCKING NOOB NIGA!

  • eam ybur acnalballiv

    this matumbaman is a fucking gay .also this bald head fucking kuro the father of all assbald...fuck your family tree..

  • omar farooq

    Tapos tnc tapos. Wish i could hear those tapos guys doin commetry on this match.

  • James Deed

    this is not ti7 what the fuck stupid uploader

  • Dx Diag

    miracle use invoker = use lose

  • d k

    That other commenter was that feeder on YouTube right?

  • jesmark delos reyes

    miracle vs sumail who 's win?

  • Cyrano De Bergerac

    this game sucx. for kids fit only.

  • John Israel

    stupid miracle saying good game well played your just underestimating penooise i know right?

  • iqbal reyes

    The kungfu panda is back 🐼

  • Norman Kolder

    banned that invoker next time, TNC hope read this

  • Youtube Observer

    making it to game 5 is much better that TI7 finals grats liquid but still i hope TNC can get a championship too ^_^ TNC is a threat in the near future ^_^

  • Ali Busio

    walay pulos Miracle KS kang daKO sman 1v1?

  • Ali Busio


  • aj mercader

    i need set plss give me set plss pa and sf


    fuck miracle is so good!!!!!!!!!

  • re4gamez

    Miracle is nothing special if he is not playing invoker haha

  • jiM_jiM xNaNa

    gh is born to babysit miracle.. he the right butller

  • xtok ar

    the other annoucer really annoying just saying what his opinion.its just annoying.....

  • Dx CH

    TnC forgot to ban invoker in game 5....bad pick!

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