BEST Support Heroes in Patch 7.07 | Dota 2 Guide

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This Dota 2 guide, scripted by support expert Bashruk, covers some of the more powerful position 4 & 5 support heroes to watch out for in patch 7.07!

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  • Zock

    My main is bane i love this hero

  • Capt Dp

    BEN ? who the fvck was that ? are u another uganda tribe knuckleS ?

  • Jonathan Mojares

    I think shadow shaman is one of the best support this meta

  • Beejay Viloria

    idk man but my lich supp pos 4 or 5 or sometimes offlane made my mmr from ancient 3 to ancient 5 i just love how he can balance creeps by denying and harass at the same time

  • Jed Esperas

    Dark willow good for support to.

  • metalmichew2

    why are dota 2 videos so difficult to understand? I am comming from smite (yes, not even lol, even tho i played it) where a Guardian is most know for their support abilities (even tho you have solo lane carry guardians) where a warrior is more commonly a solo laner(oppresive bruiser tank)I see people play anything really, could i (as a newbee) play support sniper? support drow ranger? anything with slows and stuns? I really can see why new moba players enjoy lol more than dota, then again from someone knowing the basics of a moba, dota seems much more fun than any other moba.

  • Catch 22

    WW is a SHE...apologize and delete this video.

  • LaggyGamer

    Great video, but I’d appreciate it if you went into more detail on why things are good instead just saying ‘because of the current meta.’ I don’t even know what the current meta is xD

  • Doll Face

    Shadow Demon? He’s like top tier support. By the way, what accent do you have?

  • julius lorio


  • ayush ganthade

    please make a video on best team combos

  • Jan Vincent Chioco

    Who the hell is BEN???

  • BleachyBloop

    This guy has a really ambiguous accent

  • Nirvana Yamanaka

    Winter wyvern is a she.

  • Matt Szylak

    Next up we got - Ben. BEN is "the" support right now Lol. Love your accent man!

  • Yeo Kenjjo

    yo u forgot shadow shaman

  • Andrew Austin

    "next we have Ben, Ben is amazing this patch, he's good at winning lens. he can do the off len , safe len , and of course the mid len"

  • Cobalt Genesectem

    where the fuck is my dragon bae u uncultured pieace of shit i'll kill you and evey one you love because u diddent put jakiro no.1

  • Mobile Maniac

    WAYAN= LION my mind was fucked

  • ArcsBTW

    I like "BIN"

  • Tanish

    Where is god of nuke skywrath

  • Jenova Corporation

    can i ask some thing stupid here, do you think support kunkka is a viable one ,and by that i mean the( cancer refresher ghost ship fleet kunkka build) because i suck at hitting my tide bringer soo what do you think ,is support kunkka a good one or should kunkka just go full crit and tide bringer max build hahaha

  • Brodan Shaman

    Wait a moment isn't this voice Cobrack the might destruction warlock? D

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