Dota 2 WTF Moments 243

Dota 2 fail/win compilation
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Track Name: Case & Point - Fugitive
Video Link: /watch?v=eUFxRPN1UW0
Label Channel: http://www.YouT/Monstercat

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ES and Furion clip:

SUBSHOCK - Bounce!
♫ "Bounce!" by SUBSHOCK
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SUBSHOCK SoundCloud: /subshock



(EpidemicS) /user/WeAreEpidemicSound

-ES_Beat Them Up 3 - Jan Chmelar
-ES_Summer Daze 04 - Håkan Eriksson
-ES_Joyous Fridays 2 - Per-Anders Nilsson
-ES_High Tension 3 - Håkan Eriksson
-ES_Silent Movie Stumble 2 - Håkan Eriksson
-ES_Softspoken 14 - Gunnar Johnsén
-ES_Crossing Manhattan 3 - Martin Gauffin
-ES_What Would Grohl Do 04 - Björn Skogsberg




-Spazzmatica Polka
-Marty Gots a Plan


-Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • Fefgie 7

    316 & 431 ... M crying... I wish my best friend helps me like these retards

  • Ronald Thompson

    Alguien mas se da cuenta que antes de empezar la team figth en el mintuo 847 viper era nivel 17 y cuando termino ya era nivel 22, en un minuto gano 5 niveles O

  • Eduplays 5

    758 BILL,IT'S BILL

  • Muchachin Yo

    Son repeticiones de algunos dota wtf

  • ninguem merece

  • Anonim Anonimus

    720 what is musik???????????

  • Asian Boi

    Viper needs to calm down.

  • Zelphian

    Whats the song at 503

  • Pat Liit

    223 Today's rubick mastered the art of speed of spellcssting, and dont need to channel the assasinate anymore

  • Gamer Styles

    alguien se acuerda de darduin y matiu v

  • Julius Novachrono

    050 elon musk spectre

  • Chev[R]oon *

    На 6.08 грустная музыка как называется ?

  • Hard Format

    video would be 2x shorter if u didn't copy and paste clips so many times

  • Julius Novachrono

    200 miracle confirmed

  • 无名氏

    114 that spectre play,is same with lesllee 'play as spectre' video,i finally see it in real play!

  • Shadow demon

  • Zes

    wrong, no happysurprise etc for such sht, idt nerx. it doesn't matter. ts not about brain or smart or not, do anyx and anyx can b perfx

  • Max Jazz

    Что за музыка на 5.02?what music on 5.02?

  • Murky

    It wont fucking silence anymore bloodseeker

  • The Mister Octopus

    lol viper players thinks they're good at dota 2

  • charlie stanley

    ah ten maximum stretch comedy nerve similar nice.

  • Glezie Reyes

    What is the very first sound track

  • Myungie Latte

    People be blaming on bs when its sf and clockwerk fault? Sf shouldve go uphill and that fckin clockwerk just have to block the way. If sf attack from the high ground, viper would be gone in secs. Another thing, the viper is smart, he take the high ground route for adventage. Anyways, you try to make the viper look so great when in fact, hes only lucky because bs q target viper.

  • Roope Heikkinen

    you're trying to make viper rampage look impressive, but it's just not possible lol

  • Fun Fun

  • Georgiy Lysenko

    щас бы рампаги автоатакой под бафом сикера крутить

  • Simion Alexandru

    Slardar 3 hits 4 bashes GG Dota 2 logic.

  • Salif el libertador :v

    Este video lo vio smash

  • ooo Raccoon

    That Spectre play tho D

  • Don't Look Up Cardenrap On Soundcloud

    wow wow, that es got the brains. also please give a listen!

  • Manjo Tamara

    What is the music minD_Control beastmaster?

  • Veter

    629 pls song name guys

  • Pasar Pagi

    Noob blood seekerWhy skill 1 to viper is you enemies

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