Dota 2 Top 10 Pro plays 5 - GAME WINNING PLAYS !

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10. Epic Juke by Kole
9. Gank anticipation and bait by Cloud 9
8. Roar TP cancel carry kill by MSS
7. 2 carries died but Yang catches 4 hero into the Black Hole
6. This is why you pick Tidehunter by LFY
5. Saving private Kuku by TnC
4. Zfreek Io outplays DeMoN Slardar
3. BurNIng very effecient Treads switch to save mana
2. Faith_bian failed rp causes LFY to be comfortable they didnt know he got refresher also great initiation by Y
1. Nb saves Jay and lands 3 hero boulder smash followed by 4 hero impale by RR
  • Riste Kirov

    Where are the game winning plays u shit

  • Bryan Monleon

    kuku's OD is top 1 for me

  • Smk Syukroniyah

    last scene... perfect hahha...

  • Abazoo Abazoo

    Did u noticed that after the RP tide hunter was moving around

  • ShadowRiftz

    TNC Is the best Dude!!!!!!

  • Medalcore Fanpage

    can i use it on my gamelol

  • Reyden Gonzaga

    sir i want to post this your video on my page thanks

  • Terence Buyante

    number 1 ang mineski dahil bobo na team na nqchambahan nula na ma talo ang tnc

  • Ser SonMon

    i cant bilieve some of the clip are called "game winning plays"

  • sneaky nyx assassin

    kuku indian pride whooo!

  • Mark Jan

    These indians claiming everyone rofl . Might as well claim miracle as an indian curry eating looking ass

  • Yawtsa

    Come on peenoise, let the indos jump on the bandwagon. They have no one to lean on to in their country.

  • spideken

    we are the best in the world kuku pride Malaysia

  • Aomine Daiki

    LuL no indog shit Espirit Player!!!!! hahahaha indog shit real cancer in Sea !!!

  • Sundered_

    how was 10. GAME WINNING?!?!?!? GUYS WTF

  • Brock Obama

    WHY NO INDO PRO PLAYS HERE????we are the best dota players FTW

  • Zinedin Aldiyarov

    630demon didnt have 2 balls to man up against wispFUCKING CRYING

  • Detached 错误•Sumiya 错误

    the fak kuku is real

  • Gambit

    321 wtf is this game

  • Taylor Blythe

    #7 The commentators voice is so cool!

  • Roxanne Rivera

    Sorry but these are not all "Game winning plays"

  • John Lawrence Valdez

    It's game winning coz...they won that "game" coz they lived...maybe not the "game winning" where team direradiant won...shrugs

  • Angel Gonzalez

    this guy i watch is way better....

  • Taiwan Numbah whan

    123 BSJ is a fucking Dogshit, shitstain mother fucker with a fucking boosted account.

  • Gennadiy Dacenko

    Joke about balls. Classic.


    Can someone explain why tide of LFY is not silenced by the ES even though he's under the magnetize effect and his teammates are silenced. Thanks! )

  • SaltedBanana


  • fernando meyrzalino

    sooo this is pignoise channel?

  • HuyN Bill

    you rarely release video but all are damn good editted w detailed team fight. keep up the quality mate!

  • Riexle Racho

    number 1 in Pinoy dota at its finest

  • elvicson Mabao

    Private Kuku IDOL the best .#VietnamPride

  • Fawkzzz

    MSS clearly had BSJ's IP address and was spamming packets.

  • Al Redz

    KuKu are you kidding me

  • Jophinneer Alfeche

    that KUKU OD survives every clash damn... his so good in OD

  • Lucille Is Thirsty

    bsj shitstain motherfker

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